Multi-channel video installation.
Built with JAVA.

It’s not very often that people have a chance to experience emotions beyond this world, such as having a near death experience, facing a vast magnitude like the Alps, or having a deep meditation. When people experience these kinds of emotions, they steal a glance at the beyond or, perhaps, experience the borderline between two different worlds. It is almost impossible to define those emotions with one word, but the sublime -“The experience of the sublime involves a self-forgetfulness where personal fear is replaced by a sense of well-being and security when confronted with an object exhibiting superior might, and is similar to the experience of the tragic (Chet Staley-Amerindian Arts, 2004)” - could be the closest concept. This project , “Borderline,” tries to reflect this notion through a two-channel video installation that creates a meditative atmosphere.

The project tries to convey the qualities of fine art, especially Korean painting, in digital form. “The Borderline” incorporates a key algorithm of traditional Korean painting, which is “Bae-Myun” - a Korean painting term referring to the use of both the front and rear sides of the paper. Also, the projected abstract images used in “The Borderline” represent a metaphor of the whole world using symbols from the traditional Korean “Chun-Ji-In” philosophy. In this way, the installation, including the projected images, reflects the merging of two different worlds by revealing the convergence between analog and digital, this side and the other side, this world and the world beyond.

Borderline from sangwon yu on Vimeo.

Display plan & setup