Interactive game.
Built with Processing, Arduino.
Created by Sangwon Yu, Jongmin Kim, Elim Cheng, Khristin Smart, Micaela Pesantes.

Interactive Game "LOVE ME TENDER" - Poster

Interactive Game "LOVE ME TENDER" - Operating Manual
To play the game, the two players have to wear the vests. There are three force sensors connected to two LEDs, green and red one on each vest. The player needs to touch the force sensor to get points. But he or she won't know where the sensors are, so they have to touch every parts of the other player's vest to find out. If a player pushes the other's vest too hard, the player will lose points. If the player gets points, the green LED goes on, if the player loses points,
the red LED goes on. Whoever reaches 1000 points, wins the game. (Each touch worths 100 points. )

Working process